Welcome to Falcon, the Harper Lab Informatics Server.

For "Guest" users, please click on the CORE icon to Enter CORE and proceed onto CompPASS.

Click here to see other Informatics Tools.
Below you will find informatics and other tools. Clicking on the icons will take you to the main page for each.

Go To The New Website to Search the ORFeome 8 collection (thanks to Dongmei Zuo!)


Below you will see an icon for CORE, the Gygi Lab Proteomics Software Platform. Clicking on this icon will take you to the main CORE login page.
You will also notice that there is no longer a Quick CompPASS link. CompPASS is now integrated into CORE and should be used therein. CompPASS is found in the CORE Modules area.

Click here to learn about the new features in the updated Core!.