Welcome to the candidate PARKIN target database - a set of websites that will allow you to access and hopefully utilize the data from Sarraf et al., 2013. This work employed quantitative diGLY capture proteomics to identify ubiquitin-modified proteins formed in response to depolarization and in a PARKIN-dependent manner. For a brief overview of experiments, click here.
  • Find Ubiquitlyation sites found on proteins in a Parkin-dependent manner from a wide variety of experiments
  • Plot these Ubiquityted sites across selected experiments
  • View the Ubiquitylated residues on protein structures (when available)

To begin, just click on the icon below to enter the area for that type of analysis.

Note: Uniprot designations are used for each protein but the residue numbers do not necessarily refer to isoform 1. When analyzing individual proteins, make sure you pay attention to the isoform used for site identification.

Browser compatibility: We recommend Firefox or Safari for the full capability of this website, in particular structural visualization, which requires updated Java that may not compatible with the Chrome browser. You will be prompted in the structure visualization window if Java is not up to date.

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